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Samsung Digital Phones

Many find that the Samsung line of business phone systems are perfect for just about any type of office. We’ve installed them in churches, doctors offices, energy companies, and many more. What’s even better about the Samsung systems is their interoperability and expandability. You’re not restricted to a set number of incoming phone lines, or even to a single type of phone. If you want a 28-button phone with a 64-key add-on for the receptionist, an 18-button phone in the boss’ office, 8-button phones for workers, and a few analog phones in the lobby or garage, the Samsung system can handle it all and more! Take a look at the phones below to get a better idea of what you might be looking for in a phone, then let us know what you’re interested in by submitting a Quote Request under the Contact Us menu.


The Samsung 8D keyset is the ideal small office solution. It’s compact, saving valuable desk space or fitting perfectly into a hallway or patient room situation, and it’s fully featured with 8 programmable keys, 3 interactive soft-keys, and Hold and Answer/Release (speakerphone) buttons. If you’re looking for a simple phone to run a handful of lines and 4-6 extensions, the 8D is perfect for your office.

iDCS 18D

The Samsung 18D is a perfect mid-size office phone. It features 18 programmable keys (10 line/extension keys across the top, 8 feature keys on the side) as well as a professional look and feel. The 32 character LCD display also boasts a message notification indicator as well as 3 interactive soft-keys adding even more functionality to this impressive keyset. Add on the 14- or 64-button extension modules (AOM), and you have one of the industry’s most robust phones for routing calls between employees and improving performance.

iDCS 28D

The Samsung 28D is the most impressive of the iDCS line. It sports an incredible 28 programmable keys, each with 3 LED indicator lights to indicate line or handset status. Have us set them up to allow you one-touch access to a system-wide page, DND, Caller-ID review, and so much more! The 28D also comes standard with your choice of 8 ringtones, a flexible 32-character LCD display, and is even wall-mountable. If you’re ready to send communication-based productivity through the roof, don’t skimp. Ask for the 28D by name, and get it straight from your local, licensed, and family-run Samsung Distributor: 4Square Communications.