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Wilson Cell Phone Boosters

Never drop another call, especially a business call. 4 Square Communication has the perfect solution in utilizing Wilson Cell Phone Boosters to increase your cell signal so you never fall victim to dropped calls again. Increase your range, signal, a data rates by calling 4 Square Communication today.

“Wilson’s cell phone signal boosters overcome the problem of dropped calls, limited range and slow data rates for cell phones and data cards by amplifying weak cellular signals. Our cell phone boosters are able to pick up weak cellular signals from a cell phone tower and transmit them to your cellular device and then transmit a more powerful signal back to the tower. Wilson’s products are available as easy to use plug-and-play kits, or we can custom configure your cellular repeater system for your unique application by choosing specific Wilson boosters, antennas and cellular accessories.” -Wilson Electronics

Mobile Solutions

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  • Cradle Boosters

  • Direct Connect

Building Solutions

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Machine to Machine (M2M) Solutions

  • Laptops/PDAs

  • M2M

  • For Cellular Modems

  • M2M Antennas


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